Our story

We are Jana and Luka, just to eighteen-year-olds.

We started to develop this idea while volunteering in “Svratište" for children, who face extreme poverty. Our wish is to enable them to get a chance for a normal life.

That is the reason why we decided to establish a foundation which will, through production and selling high quality and modernly defined clothes, try to raise awareness about the situation these children face and provide funds for a better beginning.

Perspektiva is our way to connect what we love to what we believe in… and we believe that what we wear, speaks about who we are and for what we stand for.

What we do

The profits which Perspektiva gathers is dedicated to financial help of the Program for support in employment which was started by the Centre for Youth Integration.

After turning 16, the children from Svratiste become capable to work, but they are left without a chance to use services of this institution which puts a strain on their further education.

CYI takes care of former proteges of the Program by helping them acquire additional skills through various courses and work shops, as well as further help with seeking employment.

Our mission is to ensure scholarships for our beneficiaries which would provide financial security to them during preparation for work, as well as additional motivation to remain dedicated to further specialisation for their future
field of work.

Fondacija Perspektiva

Vojislava Ilića 40
11000 Beograd

+381 63 486 058
+381 62 9604 530